About Eleven TG

Founded in 2012 and with headquarters in Barcelona and Buenos Aires, Eleven Talent Group was born after the departure of the American multinational IMG from the representation of footballers with the entire group of human resources. It is one of the main companies dedicated to management sports with extensive experience supported by years of professionalism in the soccer sector.


Jorge Prat Gay

Hernán Reguera


Gerardo Fadanelli



Leonardo Arpini

Intermediario AFA


Gastón Gónzalez

Intermediario AFA


Shai Lerner

Intermediario AFA


Francisco Pasman



Santiago Barrio

Johanna Furvasser


Jordi Salles


Santiago Castelló

Miquel Bosch

Intermediario RFEF

Marc Lacueva

Guido Belay

Matías Portela


Rubén Domínguez

(Reino Unido)

Nuno Vasconcelos


Diego Hernansanz

Our Mission

Accompany and manage the career of the players with an integral proposal, 360º, long term that allows them to deploy their maximum potential and achieve their greatest achievements.

"Give everything and fight to the end it always has its reward"

Sergio Aguero